Hypnotic Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Manchester and Preston area Surgery Without the Complications

Hypnotic Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Manchester and Preston area, Using NLP, Hypnosis, and CBT therapies, a Gastric Band is fitted in a person's sub-conscious mind giving He/She the same experience as having gastric band surgery, without the complications of surgery and all the benefits of losing weight, losing inches, losing dress and waist sizes safely. 

Special Offer for a Hypnotic Gastric Band Hypnotherapy in Manchester and Preston Area

£270 for a year of treatment.

We also treat the cause as well as the symptom this is important to stop any Yo Yoing after losing the weight, I have treated many people who have had  Gastric Band surgery  in Manchester and Preston areas, and had complications because they were not offered this treatment.

For people who are addicted to food, or have cravings and urges, Pickers and Bingers Andrew will embed into the sub-conscious mind a Virtual Appetite Suppressor, giving you no interest in eating as they did to put the weight on.

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One to one Hypnosis include

The Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

This is proven, weight loss, see my testimonials
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The Virtual Appetite Suppressant

Helps with eating between meal times

NHS inspired eating plan

Will help when starting your treatment

My Hypno Walk off Weight Method

The only way to keep fit and trim, is to eat sensibly and to exercise. With my Hypno Walk Off Weight program, you listen and lose. With the power of my hypnotic suggestions as you walk off weight, you lose the weight, lose the inch’s, lose the dress sizes. Burn more fat off your stomach, legs and bottom. The Hypno walk off weight method is personal to you and is part of your weight loss plan.

Get obsessive compulsive Desire ( hypnotic gastric band hypnotherapy)

Lifestyle and mind balancing programs

To achieve anything in life you have to know your outcome, I will help you to see a much healthier and fitter you, many times in the day, giving you an obsessive compulsive desire, to re-invent yourself, re-design yourself re-model yourself, making your hypnotic gastric band hypnotherapy work better for you and getting the results you want.

Break all of the obstacles that have been in your way. See yourself many times a day how you want to be, this will turn into a positive habit, being automatic, not having to think about your weight, I will give you the tools, giving you positive thoughts and a strong will power, self discipline and an inner strength. 

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For people that are unable to travel, or who are not located in the areas we serve the "Northwest" I have put together a DVD using similar techniques that I use on a one to one basis very successfully include

A three session Gastric Band and Appetite suppressant hypnotherapy course costs £270 the DVD cost £150 click here for your DVD